Computer management

Management of computers and computer technology


  • Many understand computer management as PC´s repair in case the device does not work.
  • However, it is not just about solving problems, but mostly about monitoring and prevention.
  • Our Computer Management service is suitable for any company that does not have their own IT department or simply needs to add their own IT team.
  • We manage your computer technology on-site , but the solution is often  online monitoring and online management.
  • Our communication is friendly and human so that everyone can understand IT topics.
  • Transparency is important to our clients, so our work is reported.
  • You know exactly what and when was resolved for you.
  • A matter of course for contract clients is the minute tariff of work.
  • We will represent you in communication with suppliers and propose suitable IT solutions tailored specially for your needs.
  • From cell phones through computers, servers, networks, printers, scanners, to the software.
  • Managing computers from IT PROFIS with experts in various fields is for a fraction of the price compared to your own IT department.
You no longer need to request an IT employee from your HR department. You found us. Manage computers without problems and stress.


The IT PROFIS team is available for you

You no longer have to deal with the absence of your IT employees. We are available for you here. The solution comes in the shortest possible time. It is often just a few minutes.

We are more efficient and cheaper than the regular IT department

Here you will find experts from many technological areas. You don’t pay for each one. WE ARE ONE TEAM.


The services we provide for you are reported. You know exactly how much was done. You only pay for the quality work you actually do.


We’ve been working with technology, networks, and computers for 30 years. We have more than 400 clients and take care of more than 1,600 computers.

Human and professional approach

You don’t have to understand everything. You can be experts in other fields. We communicate comprehensibly. The Human, friendly and above all willing approach of the members of the IT PROFIS team will convince you of the correct decision to choose us.

Safety is important

We pay attention to the safety entrusted systems. We maintain prevention and a professional supervision of your data in safety.

ESET Authorized Partner

We offer you management of your network, or computer managementalso in the form of IT outsourcing.
Do not hesitate and 
contact us! We are the right choice.