Optical fibers and cables welding.

  • Construction and installation of optical networks.
  • Optical networks for companies and households.
  • Tailor-made optics.
Welding of optical cables


  • Today the whole world is connected by communication lines.
  • Countries and companies are connected by networks that connect even the most remote destinations.
  • Data transfer speed is an important part of high quality communication of individual devices.
  • Optical cables are also used for this reason.
  • The speed of information transmission in an optical environment is approximately the same as the speed of light propagation in an open environment.
  • Today, optical networks can be found in many environments, such as data transmission networks, LAN networks, submarine cabling, urban access points, distribution networks, but also ISP networks themselves.
  • Connecting optical cables has therefore become a necessity.part of high
  • Our company provides customers with the Fiber Optic Welding service, which is a permanent connection.
  • Optical connections are created by electric discharge in the welding machine and subsequent sealing to the weld protection.
  • We perform work using a certified welder of optical cables, which can automatically measure the parameters of the implemented weld.
  • The operation is performed by a trained worker.
  • The implementation of the relevant certified measurements summarized in the report on the implementation of the action is a matter of course.
  • Based on our experience, IT PROFIS with Optical Welding is the right supplier to expand your corporate or private infrastructure.
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